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January 2015

Christmas Pleasure or pain??

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. But what does having a ‘Merry Christmas’ mean to you?

Perhaps it might mean time off work, and treasured time with your family. Christmas may have extra meaning if you have small children with all the wonder, anticipation and excitement that brings.

You may have felt pleasure at seeing someone’s delight on receiving your carefully considered gifts, or perhaps you felt surprise and pleasure at the thought someone had put into yours.

You may love the tradition of Christmas; the Christmas carols, the Queen’s Speech, the old-familiar repeated Comedy shows. Or it may have deep religious, or spiritual meaning for you. Maybe you simply love the chance to enjoy the customary Christmas fayre that we associate with Christmas.

But what if your Christmas wasn’t like that? What if your Christmas was a reminder of how lonely and isolated you are? You may have lost a loved one and that can mean that Christmas is a very painful and challenging time. Perhaps your grown-up children made their own plans that didn’t include you, or your relationship with your family means that you choose not to spend time together.

On the other hand, if you shared the festivities with your family, did those old familiar arguments arise, or those unwelcome behaviours that re-occur when you are thrown together. You may have found Christmas a time of anxiety through financial difficulties and perhaps this meant you weren’t able to be as generous as expected by others.

For some, Christmas can be a difficult time as it can bring into focus the negative issues we have in our lives and the impact on our feelings, or relationships. It can help to talk to someone outside of the friend and family circle about these things. Seeing a Counsellor can provide an opportunity to explore these difficulties and to find new ways of dealing with them, or at least new ways of looking at them.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2015. If you think you might benefit from counselling and would like to arrange an introductory session to think about how it can help (at 50% off full session fee) please contact me via my website below.

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