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I have counselling rooms in Peacehaven and Seaford. All locations have parking nearby (mostly free), or are easily accessible by public transport.

Type of counselling offered

I am a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor and aim to offer you a safe, confidential space for you to gently explore issues that are bringing you to counselling. I hope to develop a good relationship with you by listening carefully and empathically and without judging you.

Couples & Family Relationship Counselling

As well as individual counselling, I recently undertook training to offer couples, or family relationship counselling (sometimes known as marriage counselling, relationship therapy, or marriage guidance).

I am happy to work with you to hear your individual perspectives and to try to help you find a way forward.

Adoption Counselling

You may be looking for counselling because you are affected by adoption issues (either as a birth parent, or member of the birth family; you may be the adoptee, or an adoptive parent, a family member of an adoptive parent, or a prospective adopter.

I have an interest in, and a good understanding of, the issues surrounding adoption, and have undertaken specialist adoption training (as required by law) so can offer adoption counselling to you or your family members

Person-Centred Counselling

The Person-Centred approach began with Carl Rogers work in the 1950s. He believed that we all have an innate tendency to grow and develop towards our full potential. Unfortunately, life experience can block or distort this natural growth and negative influences will often be from those closest to us. As it is important for us to be valued and liked, we behave differently, often to please, and take on these ‘conditions of worth’ as our own. That is, we believe we can only be valued if we behave in a certain way that pleases others. Although we often develop these patterns of behaviour, we don’t always realise that this is in response to others’ expectations of us because we have taken these core beliefs and treat them as if they are our own. This difference between our inner core beliefs and our modified or adapted behaviour can often create unease in us, and this is why counselling can be useful to explore these differences.

Carl Rogers developed his counselling theory to include three ‘core’ conditions that are desirable for counselling to be effective. These are firstly, a high degree of empathy from the counsellor, secondly, the acceptance of the client by the counsellor (by providing a non-judgemental environment) and thirdly, the counsellor being him or herself, that is, being genuine and open.

Other approaches

I have gained some experience of working with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing and Solution-Focused therapies through my addiction work, and can integrate elements of these approaches if this is helpful to you. The important thing is that I aim to work in a way that suits you.

If you choose to, at selected locations, you can also opt to work visually with pen and paper, or using a sand tray where you choose objects and position them in ways that are meaningful to you as a means of exploring your feelings.

Number of sessions

It will be up to you to decide how many sessions you need. I offer short or longer term therapy and we can decide together at regular intervals how the sessions are going. In my experience, for most situations, it is useful to think in terms of a minimum of 6 sessions.  However, complex or long-standing issues, may benefit from more time.

Sessions will be of a 50 minute duration and will normally be at the same time on a weekly basis.

Types of issues

I work with a wide range of issues including:

low self-esteem

lack of confidence




panic attacks


suicidal thoughts



relationship problems


financial problems

childhood trauma



major life changes

relationship issues


common mental health problems

Asperger’s Syndrome

This list is not exhaustive.


Please click here for details of the fees charged.

Mary Saunders                                          07890 806501

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