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December 2013

How important is your mental health?

The leading Mental Health charity MIND says, “Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem.” Many of us feel down, or suffer from anxiety or from a variety of problems at times in our lives.

Often the GP is the first point of call. Sometimes, a combination of medication and the opportunity to access some talking therapy may be suggested. Although thankfully, medications are prescribed less often, with many GPs now suggesting talking therapy for all but the most serious mental health issues.

Unfortunately, statutory provision of counselling and psychotherapy can be quite hard to access because of the high demand for the service and the limited available resources. There is often a long waiting list and the therapy is time-limited.

Another option is to arrange counselling privately. But how do you know where to go, who to trust with your innermost thoughts and feelings? Fortunately, although counselling is unregulated, professional bodies exist, enabling you to reassure yourself that a particular therapist is suitably qualified and working to an ethical code of practice. A useful article explaining the various professional bodies can be found at in their ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page under “How can I be assured of a practitioners' professionalism?”

Counsellors and therapists offer different types of counselling, depending on their chosen approach and charge a range of fees. Above all they are individuals! Research has shown that the single most important factor in choosing a qualified counsellor or therapist, is the trusting relationship you can build with them, so it is useful to arrange an introductory session to see how you get on.  I am a Registered BACP member with rooms in Peacehaven, Seaford and Brighton.

Please contact me to arrange an introductory appointment. Please check here for my current fees.

If you would like to contact me regarding counselling, you can do so via my website here:

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